United for life against war

The irresponsible action of Putin, NATO, the US, the EU and other powers that demonstrate their complicit obedience or abstention, or small groups that carry out hate violence or spread falsehoods to implicate us in genocide, the invasion and war in Ukraine and the EU-NATO encirclement of Russia.

All of them push us to the precipice of war in an area where democracy and human rights do not exist, a road that runs between corpses, which can include each one of us and the planet if they finally use nuclear destruction. Anxiety and fear of the imperialist blindness of the giants travels the world.

Everyone, even the last person on the planet who spreads falsehoods or hate, appeals to principles that justify crushing the life and/or human rights of other people… you must know our solidarity with the Ukrainian, Russian, and Belarusians people, and the firm rejection and decision not to tolerate or justify one more death, not a single military movement, distribution of weapons, rearmament, censorship or repression of the No to the war that unites us.

We demand an immediate ceasefire : All troops and contenders, whether civilian or military, must withdraw and return to their homes or bases. We encourage each armed person to disobey his command, to declare a unilateral ceasefire with his companions and peace with neighbors or populations threatened by his war activity.

We demand all governments, involved in one way or another, to withdraw support for any warmongering activity , rearmament, to become involved in military alliances, with military or civilian contenders, to stop making statements or actions that implicate us in the path of Genocide: You Do Not Represent Us! . We support and encourage disobedience and solidarity with the civilian population that pays with their lives for the benefits that others seek to obtain.

We reject information manipulation and we promise not to collaborate in it. Let’s point out those who promote hatred and falsehoods as well as the hidden interests that move them.

The only possible way out of the genocidal path depends on the people, whose lives and/or rights, or cultural identities are threatened: Coexistence and political agreement inevitably go through help in the defense of life, democracy, civil liberties and respect for human rights. War, hatred, manipulation, censorship or sanctions confront us, preventing both the necessary dialogue and subsequent collaboration to establish the conditions for the common good . It will not be those who put us into war who bring peace!

It is up to each one of us to create a mutual aid network of people United for Life Against War*

  • In Russia there is a peace movement against the war in Ukraine
  • In Belarus it also exists and the opposition calls to organize it and defend the Ukrainians
  • In Ukraine there is a peace movement and self-defense of its sovereignty against the occupation

* It is not ‘the manifesto’ , no matter how much it says what some or many (who knows?) think. It is my declaration of commitment, and I am sure that you have yours and/or know others, all necessary for this network to travel and link the planet, adding, without homogenizing, all the people who inhabit it. Then we will have the necessary calling.

United for life against war, original in spanish

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